Candidate and Party Positions on Immigration

COMPARISON CHART – Republican and Democratic party immigration positions

This chart directly cites only from the platforms approved at the Republican and Democratic party conventions in 2012. The categories are our own, reflecting the various issues addressed in the platforms, for purposes of organizing the comparisons of positions. Links to original documents listed at end of the chart.

[To view immigration reform positions and principles from NNIRR over the years, go here.]

  • Barack Obama, Democratic Party Presidential Nominee

President Obama Announcement on Deferred Action

President Obama at NALEO Conference

  • Mitt Romney, Republican Party Presidential Nominee

“We welcome immigration. This is a party that loves legal immigration. But we have to stop illegal immigration.” Mitt Romney, 11.22.11

Mitt Romney’s Positions on Immigration – NY Times video features of Mitt Romney speaking on immigration, from September 2011 through June 21, 2012.

Mitt Romney on Immigration – campaign website

Romney Remarks to NALEO Conference

2012 Democratic Party Platform on Immigration (excerpt)

Democratic Party Platform 2012 (in its entirety)

Immigration Reform – from DNC website

  • Republican Party on Immigration

The Rule of Law: Legal Immigration: the section of the 2012 Republican Platform that addresses immigration policy.

Republican Party Platform 2012 (in its entirety)