Former Programs

Included here are programs still available for background and resources.

  • Human Rights Immigrant Community Action Network (HURRICANE) – An initiative for community members, organizers and advocates to dialogue and develop a shared vision of the changes we want. HURRICANE offers a tool for communities to document human rights abuses and build community power, seek accountability and get the justice they want.
  • 100 Stories Project: gathering testimonies of community members affected by abuses, to put a human face to the issue and lift up the voices of immigrant communities experiencing deep injustice in their daily lives.
  • LGBTIQ Outreach & Leadership Development Project: An initiative of the LGBTIQ working group of NNIRR. This project was proposed by our LGBT members who are eager to raise awareness about “LGBT issues” in our diverse immigrant communities, promote rights, and support organizing and leadership development. In coordination with the project, NNIRR had also become a national partner with the Western States Center’s “Uniting Communities” education program addressing LGBT issues among communities of color. While this is no longer an “active” project, our commitment, resources and connections remain in place
  • Raising Women’s Voices for Immigrant Justice: While NNIRR has organized and advocated for immigrant and refugee women’s rights for many years, Raising Women’s Voices for Immigrant Justice will help to nurture our longterm work in this area. Through this project we hope to build connections, engage immigrant and refugee women’s groups, raise the profile of the impacts of restrictive and discriminatory immigration enforcement policies and practices on immigrant women, and strengthen alliance building with key groups in the women’s movement. It will help to bring a new voice–that of unified women‐‐to the table to push for fair and just immigration policies and practices. The project also brings together the “intersections” of our work: supporting organizing and leadership development at the grassroots level, and advocating for the rights of migrant women at the global level.