Immigration, Immigrant Communities and the 2016 Elections

Photo by Claudia A. De La Garza

U.S. voters, through its electoral college system, have elected Donald Trump as the 45th President of the United States. Click here to see our post-election resources page.

In this section of our website NNIRR provided updates on candidates, information on major party platforms pertaining to immigration and immigrant communities, as well as resources and tools for engaging our diverse communities.

While we did not endorse any particular candidates, we gave careful attention to the conversation surrounding immigration policy and issues. Through our website and other social media platforms (Facebook | Twitter), we shared viewpoints and provided space for forums, information and analysis.

We will continue to include here the comparison chart of presidential candidate positions on immigration policies, along with the Democratic and Republican party positions related to immigration.

NNIRR remains committed to the immigrant and refugee rights movement. We know that we must fight day in and day out to lift the voices of all immigrants and refugees, and to educate communities and the general public.

As we have seen in this past election, there is still tremendous work to be done–and as we saw in the election build-up–huge challenges to not only set the record straight on immigration, but to challenge the fear-based narrative and hate-mongering that dominated certain campaigns.



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