How Title 42 fuels migrant kidnapping, extortion

This video from LA Times gives background on Title 42 expulsions and the harrowing consequences for migrants families. An excerpt from the video:

“Title 42 is what this policy has become known as, but what it refers to, Title 42, is an obscure 1944 public health statute that has actually never been used in this way before, to indefinitely close the border, to actually expel migrants from the United States, but in March of 2020 the Trump administration invoked this WWII era public health statute, arguing they needed to limit the amount of time migrants that spent in custody, and the Biden administration, despite being critical of this policy under the Trump administration, sort of quietly continued the practice, 700,000 migrants have been expelled under this policy just since March of 2020 alone.”


See video here.

Molly O’Toole