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Just Borders t-shirt

Show your support for human rights and justice at borders! 

The Just Borders t-shirt is available in charcoal grey in two styles, regular and tapered. The tapered style also has cap sleeves. Both are 100% cotton; slight shrinkage when washed.

The design includes the migrating monarch butterflies, moving around a globe showing land and sea. It includes the tagline, “human rights, safety and dignity for all migrants and refugees”. Designed by Guillermo Prado of 8point2.com, and modeled in photo to left by NNIRR’s summer 2016 interns, Kristen Gardner, Rani Hanstad and Faviana Schectman.

US orders only — $25.00 per t-shirt + shipping

Sorry no international shipping available for this item.

Type & size
Type & size
Wristbands for Immigrant Rights!

No Ban, No Wall | Love Knows No Borders

These simple but powerful wristbands are light-blue silicon with white print. The two different messages are each a symbol of resistance, inclusion and love that directly counter xenophobia, racism, anti-immigrant rhetoric and exclusionary policies.

Designed by a NNIRR supporter, these wristbands were created to help us raise money to support our work for human rights and justice. The more you order, the better the deal! Give them out to friends, family and colleagues.

Help spread the word:

No Ban, No Wall  |   Love Knows No Borders

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December 18: International Migrants Day Poster

limited edition, hand-screened 

A beautiful poster, designed by Favianna Rodriguez, a celebrated printmaker and digital designer known for her vibrant images and messaging dealing with immigration, globalization, human rights and social justice. This poster commemorates International Migrants Day with both limited edition hand-screened prints and printed poster versions.

Limited-edition hand-screened prints: $40 members; $75 non-members
Printed posters:$20 NNIRR

Print or Limited Edition Hand Screened Version