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We promote a just immigration and refugee policy in the U.S and defend and expand the rights of all immigrants and refugees.
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NNIRR July Newsletter

Read our latest newsletter with information about the Borderlands and our response to the Presidential Debate. Click on the following link:
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Lawmakers’ New Plan to Bring Back Deported Migrants Separated From Families

Lawmakers are fighting to bring back migrants and their children who have been unfairly deported, with a new resolution which would see them return to the U.S. Newsweek can reveal that congressmen plan to introduce a ...
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Border town firefighters scramble to save migrants from extreme summer heat

SUNLAND PARK, N.M. — It’s a relatively quiet — and hot — afternoon at Sunland Park’s Fire Department Station 1. Some firefighters working the shift are prepping for dinner. Others are doing office work. Suddenly, a ...
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Misuse of Texas Troopers Has Broader Implications for the US

While the pro-Palestinian student protests and accounts of police crackdowns at universities across the United States in April have fallen out of the newscycle, students at the University of Texas at Austin continue to face criminal charges and other punishment after Texas Governor Greg Abbott deployed the same police ...
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We need safe pathways for asylum seekers and migrants, not border closures

The Biden Administration has largely closed the U.S.-Mexico border to most asylum seekers – an Executive Order that became effective today. The order recalls the Trump Administration’s actions to “close the border,” and is a transparent ...
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We Can’t Trade a Path to Legalization in Exchange for More Border Militarization

Silky Shah, executive director of the Detention Watch Network, a 27-year-old, national coalition working to abolish the incarceration of immigrants in the United States, says that the domestic “immigration enforcement system and the prison-industrial complex are not ...
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200 NGOs Oppose Biden’s Historic Expansion Of ICE Detention System: “Detention Should Not Be About Politics.”

In a letter to President Biden delivered Thursday, 200 organizations, including NNIRR, voiced “outrage over your administration’s expansion of the cruel and unnecessary immigration detention system.” The Hill has run a story on the letter here. An excerpt from ...
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Texas county at center of border fight is overwhelmed by migrant deaths

EAGLE PASS, Tex. — The undertaker lighted a cigarette and held it between his latex-gloved fingers as he stood over the bloated body bag lying in the bed of his battered pickup truck. The woman had ...
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A New Report Shows Skyrocketing Deaths in El Paso, New Mexico Border Region

As safe corridors for migration disappear, more people risk their lives crossing the U.S.-Mexico border. And more people die. A new report by the nonprofit No More Deaths, along with a searchable map and database, documents the increasing number of ...
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Immigrants are excluded from the right to legal representation. It’s time to change that.

Last year, there were nearly 4 million people in immigration court facing deportation, 70% of whom lacked legal representation. Ibrahima Keita waited outside the immigration court for hours, but his attorney never came to accompany him ...
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Commentary: Immigrant workers like those on the Key Bridge take care of us

Lives lost in the bridge collapse provide a reminder of our obligation to protect everyone Authorities have suspended search-and-rescue efforts for four construction workers lost in the Patapsco River after the collapse of the Francis Scott Key Bridge. ...
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Immigration Is Good. Our Immigration Policy Should Reflect That.

Immigrants are good for this country. They work critical jobs, pay taxes, build businesses and introduce many of our favorite foods and cultural innovations (donuts, anyone?). But for decades, powerful players have chosen the self-serving politics ...
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