Greeting Cards & Postcards

Hand made pop-up cards
We are so excited to share these four beautiful pop up cards that have been donated to us as a part of our fundraising efforts this year! Each card was made by sisters Adia (age 16) and Assata (21), from Georgia. See flat version of the designs here. From the artists:
My sister and I have really enjoyed creating this series of pop up cards for the NNIRR fundraiser. We are children of immigrants 🇯🇲 🇻🇨 and it meant a lot to use our art towards something we care so much about. Each card is made up of several layers so that every part has a tactile element to it. We used a variety of materials: paint, alcoholic markers for the people, and mosaics of construction paper (my sister’s technique) for the butterflies and many other elements throughout the cards.
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Greeting Card Packs
5 pack Folding Cards The beautiful designs are flat versions of the pop-ups made by the talented young artists, Assata and Adia Davis for NNIRR. Sold in packs of 10 (2 cards each of 5 designs), in packs of either greeting card style or postcard. (6″x4″) See all 5 card designs here