Immigration: A Women’s Humanitarian Perspective

A Facebook Live recording of a panel discussion on the border, an event featuring Alma Maquitico, NNIRR Co-Director on a panel discussion with powerful women leaders working across the Texas border region.


Dr. Isabel Araiza, Associate Professor Sociology Texas A&M University Corpus Christi

Sister Norma Pimentel, Catholic Charities of the Rio Grande

Silvia Samines, supporting language justice and indigenous families from Guatemala in migration

Dr. Nancy Vera, President, Corpus Christi American Federation of Teachers President and co-hosted by the South Texas Human Rights Center

I think that the situation on the US Mexico border has changed. We see an effort from the Biden administration to try to create a system to receive migrant children and migrant families that meet the Flores Act, but in the end we are still working under a system that increasingly criminalizes the right to migrate and the right to seek refuge.

And so while these conditions remain the same, while this system that really criminalizes migration remains in place, and while we don’t work with other countries to create legal pathways, and to create protections for those that have to move, that are forced to move, due to political unrest, due to devastating poverty, and increasingly due to climate change, we are going to see these large numbers of communities migrating around the world.

—Alma Maquitico, NNIRR

Watch the entire Facebook video here.