MIRA appalled by murder of Guatemalan immigrants in Mississippi

The Mississippi Immigrants’ Rights Alliance is deeply saddened and appalled by the recent report of the senseless attack and killings perpetrated on Mississippi’s immigrant community.  The home invasion which took place in Canton in the early morning hours of December 29 resulted in the murder of a defenseless Guatemalan family and the hospitalization of an infant child.

For years MIRA has tried to elicit the support of the various law enforcement agencies in this metropolitan area to confront the crimes committed against vulnerable immigrants residing within the state.  In fact, with little success, MIRA has attempted to work with the Canton police department to devise a plan to help protect its immigrant residents.  Overall, MIRA has encountered minimal cooperation from the police as to how they propose to deal with this very real issue of the victimization of immigrants.

Predators feel emboldened to attack immigrants because of the current climate of racism and the dehumanization of immigrants by some U.S. government officials, such as Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), various Congressional leaders, and the President, himself.  This contributes to the apparent sentiments of thugs and predators that they can attack and rob immigrants with impunity. This general disregard for civility impacts us all.

The leaders of those who have sworn to protect and serve, must provide residents with their plan on how we will be made safer.  We can no longer afford to disregard the lawlessness that is perpetrated against immigrants and other vulnerable populations daily (whether documented or otherwise). We must unite and present a common front.

MIRA was founded over 20 years ago by immigrants and leaders from the greater African American and other communities.  It works statewide with Latino and many other immigrant communities to expand and protect the rights of all. 


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