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Dear friends:

As we wrap up 2022, we want to thank you – our members and friends – for standing in solidarity with us this year. It is an honor to walk alongside our communities, and we are grateful you chose to accompany us in the struggle for human rights and justice, from responding to the human rights crisis on the United States-Mexico border to challenging the flurry of anti-immigrant laws in Republican-led states.

We are thankful to be surrounded by friends and allies who want policy changes that affirm the rights and dignity of each person, regardless of immigration status. 

This year we celebrated several significant wins for our communities. Among them, the end of the Remain in Mexico program (MPP), victories for the Shut Down Berks Coalition and Yuba Liberation Coalition, and the extension of Temporary Protected Status (TPS) for current TPS holders from El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Nepal, Haiti, and Sudan. Yet, there are still many hurdles we must overcome to place human rights at the center of migration governance. We must continue advocating for the end of the racist policy Title 42, and permanent protections for DACA recipients and the m

illions of undocumented migrants who are still facing the threat of deportation.

Throughout this year, we worked closely with grassroots partners and allies to accurately illustrate how immigration deterrence and border militarization have harmed border communities, migrants, and refugees. The outcome of this work was the release of our anticipated Spotlight Report on the Borderlands and its accompanying Spotlight map. Through these collective efforts, we highlighted the lethal effects of migration policies, provided a roadmap to eliminate harmful immigration and border policies, and established an important reference for harmonizing immigration policies with human rights.

As climate change produces compounded inequalities in communities across the U.S. and around the world, we must demand urgent action from policymakers to develop appropriate resilience and adaptation measures at home and abroad. This includes addressing the structural factors that compel migration, strengthening refugee admission programs, and creating pathways for safe and regular migration for those internationally displaced. NNIRR will continue building partnerships across movements to demand a transition to a just, equitable, and environmentally sound economy that is intersectional, inclusive, and meets the differentiated needs of all communities without discrimination.

NNIRR remains steadfast in our fight against injustice and will continue to advocate for rights-based regular migration pathways and regularization programs that extend social protections, reduce harms and vulnerabilities, and make migration regular and safe. 

Our priorities for 2023: 

  • Organize and center grassroots voices and human rights entitlements in all policy discussions through regional, national, and international dialogues, border visits, and summits with directly impacted communities, grassroots organizations, and policy groups.
  • Advocate for the creation of humanitarian responses and mechanisms to prevent, mitigate, and address the crisis of migrant deaths.
  • Shed light on systemic injustices and long-standing human rights violations deriving from immigration deterrence/militarization.
  • Generate a public conversation on border policy and its interlinkages with systemic racial and ethnic discrimination against Black, Indigenous, and other people of color living or in transit through the border region.
  • Organize targeted congressional visits and hearings with the progressive caucus, international hearings with UN entities, the Inter-American Human Rights Commission, and advocacy with local governments. 
  • Build solidarity across movements and work at the intersection of climate change, environmental justice, and migration 
  • Build strategic alliances with local, national, and international organizations through panels and webinars with civil society partners and educational institutions. 

We hope to count on your support and continued engagement in 2023. 

In Solidarity,

Alma Maquitico, Executive Director & the NNIRR Board of Directors

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We appreciate your support for justice and human rights

Please consider donating a little extra to help with local emergency response efforts at the El Paso – Ciudad Juarez Border

What is happening at the El Paso – Ciudad Juárez Border:

As Texas communities brace for an arctic blast, hundreds of migrants who have made it into the U.S. are left without food and shelter as they face the frigid temperatures. Shelters are at full capacity. 

The situation on the ground was further exacerbated by the Governor of Texas, who deployed the National Guard to the border and threatened to persecute local organizations in El Paso that are providing services to migrants. 

Complicating things further, the anticipated ending of Title 42 was delayed by the U.S. Supreme Court, leaving thousands of migrants in a state of limbo and curtailing their right to seek asylum. 

Please help us support the work on the ground and provide families in need of food, shelter, and warm clothing.  


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