Rep. Grijalva Crossed into Mexico to Meet with Asylum Seekers During Sec. Nielsen Visit to U.S. Border

NOGALES, AZ—Today, Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen visited Nogales for a border tour with Rep. Martha McSally. This comes at the heels of yesterday’s hearing on Border Security and the Opioid Crisis in Phoenix. In response, Rep. Raúl M. Grijalva issued the following statement:

“Today’s visit by Sec. Nielsen to Nogales demonstrates a blatant disregard for how the Trump Administration’s policies are impacting immigrant families and border residents. As the Trump Administration inhumanely rips children from their mother’s arms and places them in detention, Sec. Nielsen came to Nogales for a distasteful photo opportunity at the border. Coupled with yesterday’s farce of a hearing erroneously conflating border security and the opioid crisis, it is clear that the Trump Administration and its Republican allies remain more concerned with grandstanding than actually solving the most pressing issues facing our nation.

“Instead of being a willing pawn in their PR stunt, I decided to meet with the advocates and groups in Nogales who are actively serving the immigrant victims of these draconian policies. As the Trump Administration blatantly disregards due process and human rights at the border, I remain committed to opposing these dehumanizing policies, standing up for families, and fighting for solutions that improve security without further militarizing border communities.”    

During Nielsen’s visit, Rep. Grijalva visited the Kino Border Initiative and crossed over to Mexico to meet with asylum seekers. 


Press Contact:  Geoffrey Nolan – 202-580-5289