Documentary mini-shorts (4 short films)

By iNation Media

This collection of short films seeks to explain the history and reasoning behind the sanctuary movement through personal examples of individual immigrants and church communities.


  • What is the connection between faith and immigration?
  • Why is there such a backlash against the sanctuary movement?
  • Why is there such an emphasis placed on a person’s country of birth to the point where they are forcibly removed from a country if they don’t have “legal” status?

Note: The sanctuary movement has come under fire by the Trump administration. There are currently multiple pieces of legislation in congress attempting to defund and shut-down sanctuary cities. Call your congressmen today to urge them to reject H.R. 400, H.R. 83, H.R. 2431, S. 87 and S. 1126 or to support H.R. 748 and S. 415 in favor of sanctuary cities.

iNation Media is an organization that “creates personal and powerful stories about the immigrant experience in the United States.” Currently they have 6 short documentaries to check out. Go to: