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Journey to Durban: Migrant Rights at the UN Conference Against Racism

Produced by NNIRR & Peek Media, 2003 (26 Minutes, VHS) 

$20 (plus $3.50 shipping)

In a world where borders increasingly divide people, over fifteen thousand people from around the world met in Durban, South Africa, at the UN World Conference Against Racism, Racial Discrimination, Xenophobia and related forms of Intolerance in 2001.

Journey to Durban: Migrant Rights at the UN Conference Against Racism follows the Immigrant Rights Working Group, a delegation of over 50 immigrant and refugee rights community leaders from the United States, on their travels to Durban and work with migrant and refugee rights organizers from around the world.

$20 (plus $3.50 shipping)

UPROOTED: Refugees of the Global Economy


Produced by NNIRR with Sasha Khokha, Ulla Nilsen, Jon Fromer, and Francisco Herrera, 2001 (28 min, VHS and DVD) 

$20 (plus $3.50 shipping)

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UPROOTED: Refugees of the Global Economy is a compelling documentary about how the global economy has forced people to leave their home countries. UPROOTED presents three stories of immigrants who left their homes in Bolivia, Haiti, and the Philippines after global economic powers devastated their countries, only to face new challenges in the United States. These powerful stories raise critical questions about U.S. immigration policy in an era when corporations cross borders at will.

Available in English with Spanish subtitles.

2002 No. California Emmy Award Nominee for Current Affairs Programming!!
Finalist for the World Hunger Year’s 2002 Harry Chapin Media Award for innovative coverage of hunger and poverty issues
Best of the Fest at Cine Accion’s Cine Latino Festival, 2002

New World Border

Directed by Casey Peek and Jose Palafox, Peek Media, 2001 (28 min)

$24 (individuals); $50 for institutions includes shipping

New World Border is a film documenting the rise of human rights abuses along the US-Mexico border since the implementation of border walls (such as Operation Gatekeeper) that have been erected in populated areas throughout the border region during the last decade. This documentary includes interviews with immigrant rights organizers, testimony from immigrants, analysis of ‘free trade’ policies, and discusses current efforts to build a vibrant movement for immigrant rights.

Available in both DVD and VHS formats.

$24 for individuals/$50 for institutions (shipping included)

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Raids and Rights: INS Activity in Washington
By Heather McRae Woolf, Sassafras Productions, 1998 (14 min.)
$15 (shipping included)

Chronicles the impact of INS raids in a rural community, and efforts to fight back. Available only in VHS format.

Subtitled in English/Spanish

$15 (shipping included)

Border Crossings/Cruzando Fronteras

By Heather Lares, Pan Left Productions (30 min)
$15 (shipping included) 

Border Crossings documents the impact of the Border Patrol on the Civil Rights of community members in Southern Arizona. Available in VHS format only.

Subtitled in English/Spanish

$15 (shipping included)