Solidarity & Resistance: Support NNIRR on #GivingTuesday

#GivingTuesday kicks off this Season of Giving, and NNIRR asks for your support! Donate today to help us enter 2020 ready to organize — and if you donate NOW through Facebook, you have a chance to double your donation.

As we get to the end of another year of political and social chaos, the consequences for immigrant and refugee communities — and the planet at large — are mounting. On top of continuing, destructive immigration policies, 2020 will bring big battles that deeply affect the future, safety and security of immigrant communities: Census 2020 — where Trump’s failed drive to include a citizenship question undermines immigrant community participation in an inclusive Census (which may be further jeopardized by aggressive enforcement activities); and the presidential election, in which the Trump machine will likely pursue divisive, anti-immigrant campaign messaging.

NNIRR asks for your support today to help strengthen grassroots resistance and human rights for ALL immigrants and refugees. While the fight for justice has experienced few victories in this climate, our movement and communities have shown their persistent resilience. Bold legal action, humanitarian aid and round-the-clock organizing and advocacy have contributed to the dynamic fightback against inhumane and repressive policies and practices — but we know we need to do much more, day-to-day and strategically. (And thank you, for signing onto petitions, letters and calls-to-action this past year!)

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Heading into 2020, we’ll call for the suspension of immigration enforcement actions prior to and during the Census, and new opportunities to work with members, partners and allies will shore up humane border policies in 2020 and beyond. We’ll continue to share information and analyses, and bring calls-to-action, local and national advocacy initiatives, as well as key conversations and strategizing to defend, support and uplift human rights. With your support, we can turn up the volume in 2020!

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Please help us increase our resources and capacity during one of the most challenging periods ever for NNIRR. This #GivingTuesday is a great opportunity to step up and lend your support — every dollar WILL make a difference.

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