Support NNIRR During PDF Grassroots Fundraising Week!

We are proud to be among the amazing groups listed during the Peace Development Fund’s Grassroots Fundraising Week. The Peace Development Fund (PDF) has supported progressive, grassroots organizing and advocacy for many years, and all week they have been featuring organizations from around the country and encouraging support. Today, they are recognizing groups doing environmental work — and that’s right, NNIRR addresses the intersection of immigrant rights and environmental justice! Here’s what PDF says:

“With long experience working in the movement to protect the rights of immigrants and refugees, National Network for Immigrant and Refugee Rights has a focus unique across the social justice spectrum — community displacement due to the effects of climate change.  Recognizing that displaced communities are often those already marginalized by systemic injustice, NNIRR sees this intersection of the climate and immigrant justice movements as a vital avenue to make both movements stronger in the effort to achieve human rights for all.”

You can see more information about the National Network and make a contribution during this generous PDF initiative by clicking here.

You can also see all the groups featured today by going to PDF’s website.

NNIRR is especially excited to build up our initiative to address global migration and climate change, a significant driver of “forced migration” around the world. This is an issue we are addressing along with our global partners. In addition to the challenges in getting countries to take urgent, responsible positions and actions concerning climate change, many governments are also resisting the recognition of climate displaced people — the so-called “climate refugees” or forced migrants.

Here in the U.S., we believe that it is critical to build alignment among immigrant rights and climate justice organizations — together we can be a stronger and more effective movement for global justice!

Don’t forget to visit PDF’s page describing our work.

Thanks for your support!