The House passes legislation to limit the president’s ability to impose travel bans.

The Democratic-led House on Wednesday passed legislation to prevent the White House from instituting expansive travel bans like the one former President Donald J. Trump imposed on predominantly Muslim countries, and would explicitly bar any such edict based on religion.

The No Ban Act, which passed 218 to 208, with one Republican joining the Democrats, would restrict the president’s wide-ranging power to control immigration by requiring that travel bans be temporary and subject to congressional oversight, among other limitations. It would prohibit discrimination on the basis of religion.

“The House has voted to ensure similar discriminatory bans don’t happen in the future,” said Representative Judy Chu, Democrat of California and the bill’s lead sponsor.

The House also approved in a 217-to-207 vote along party lines a related measure that would require that certain immigrants be allowed access to a lawyer when they are detained at ports of entry.

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Luke Broadwater