Trump officials unveil new U.S. citizenship test, as advocates worry it is too long, difficult and politicized

The Trump administration unveiled a new U.S. citizenship test Friday, adding a broader array of history and civics themes while requiring that legal residents answer twice as many questions correctly to pass.

The new exam — which has been in development for years as part of a once-a-decade review — requires applicants to answer at least 12 oral questions correctly, up from six under the most recent exam, which has been in use since Oct. 1, 2008, late in George W. Bush’s presidency. Those taking the test must still get at least 60 percent of the questions correct.

Advocates for immigrants said on Friday that the exam appears to them to be more difficult than previous versions in that it is longer, more nuanced and, in some questions, has a tinge of politics.

One new question asks, “Who does a U.S. senator represent?” The correct answer under the old test was: “All people of the state.”

The new version lists the correct answer as “Citizens of their state.” President Trump has tried to exclude undocumented immigrants from the decennial census for the purposes of assigning congressional seats.

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Maria Sacchetti