Urgent sign-on: Oppose Border Wall Building, Enforcement & Detention Increases in the Proposed Budget Deal

We are waiting to see the final text of the “legislative deal” hammered out among congressional conferees, but information that has been shared and reported in the media includes $1.375 billion for new wall construction (about 55 miles), and an increase in the number of detention beds to over 45,000 (not a decrease as has been described by some. See explainer here). There are also substantial increases expected for ICE and Customs and Border Protection (CBP). These increases in enforcement spending continue a punitive, harmful, deterrent immigration strategy and pattern and play to Donald Trump’s false and racist narrative on immigration and a “border crisis”.

Please join us NOW in sending a message to Congressional leadership opposing these increases. We need accountability in immigration enforcement and a commitment to engage in positive, sound and rights-based immigration reforms. 

Click here to read the letter and sign on as an organization.

Click here to read the letter and sign on as an individual.

This is a quick turnaround! Deadline for sign-ons: 11 am Eastern, tomorrow, Thursday, February 14. The House will likely vote on the proposal tomorrow evening, with Senate vote to quickly follow in order to avert another shutdown. While reports have Trump signing an agreement…we’ll see!

You can also contact your congressional representatives. Click here for contact information.

Call your reps now. Here’s a sample message:

“Hello, my name is__________. I am calling to express my disagreement with increased funding for ICE and CBP and for new border barriers in the conference budget. I also oppose what will be an increase in the number of detention beds, and the potential for even more family separations. We ask you to hold the line on funding increases and restrict the transfer of funds to prevent an expansion of immigration enforcement.” 

There are certainly other concerns in the proposed budget for the Department of Homeland Security, such as the funding of a “smart wall” with more technology; we are aiming to send a brief message at this time.

Thanks for your support and quick responses!