Federal judge in Texas blocks Biden’s efforts to limit immigration arrests

A federal judge in Texas has blocked the Biden administration from limiting immigration arrests in the interior of the United States, striking another blow to Democrats’ efforts to curtail deportations.

U.S. District Judge Drew Tipton, who was appointed by President Donald Trump, issued a nationwide preliminary injunction Thursday halting a pair of memos that directed U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement to prioritize arresting national security threats and felons or gang members who pose a risk to public safety. The rules also subjected immigration agents to strict oversight if they wanted to arrest anyone outside of the new priorities.

In his 160-page ruling, Tipton called the new priorities “suffocating” and said immigration arrests have declined sharply this year. Many lesser criminals who might have been taken into immigration custody under the Trump administration are now being released into U.S. communities, the judge wrote, and many reoffend. He said the new priorities also likely violate federal law calling for the arrest of unauthorized immigrants, especially those who commit crimes.

“Although this case involves many issues of administrative and immigration law, its core concerns whether the Executive Branch may implement a policy that directly conflicts with laws that Congress enacted,” Tipton wrote of the memos issued in January and February outlining the Biden administration’s new priorities. “The answer is no.”

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Maria Sacchetti