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Please sign our joint petition urging the Republican Judiciary Committee leadership to protect the right to asylum by increasing refugee admissions in 2021.

The Trump Administration is required to convene meaningful consultations with Congress by September 30th, to set the refugee admissions goal for next year through a process known as “Presidential Determination.” Trump has now failed to engage in this process by the deadline set by law for three years in a row. The Administration’s ongoing xenophobic attacks against immigrants and refugees has translated into the decimation of legal protections and pathways for migrants, and the rapid decline of the refugee admissions program for people feeling persecution, torture, and treats to their safety.

This fiscal year, refugee admissions were cut to 18,000, the lowest ever since the Refugee Act was passed by Congress in 1980 having set a goal of 50,000 admissions back then. Prior to Trump, admissions goals were up to 95,000, still far below need. In 2020, only 9,500 people have been granted asylum in the U.S. while tens of thousands wait in shelters and encampments in Mexico under Migrant Protection Protocols (MPP) or Remain in Mexico. Imposed in 2019, despite court rulings declaring it in violation of international obligations and domestic law, MPP has compounded the confusion and crisis at the border. The pandemic has made matters worse, in addition to conditions in the camps jeopardizing migrants’ health and safety, the shut-down of immigration courts has caused asylum seekers to miss key deadlines putting their cases at risk of being arbitrarily thrown out.

The right to seek asylum is a universal human right, a right that is protected by U.S. law. Please help us take action to demand an increase in refugee resettlements in 2021.

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