Today is the last chance to vote! Please cast your ballot for human rights!

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No matter the outcome of today’s elections, we affirm our commitment to human rights and justice.

We know many of you have voted already and have worked hard to mobilize others to vote. Thank you! If you haven’t already, please go to the polls today to cast your vote for justice and the protection of civil and human rights for all!

Easy links for election-day information and post-election resources:


While many states still allow mail-in ballots if post-marked by today, it is recommended that if you haven’t mailed it in by now, to guarantee your vote is counted, drop off your ballot at an official drop-box location or vote in person.

Here are a few suggestions on how to vote in-person safely.

  • Bring a valid photo ID if required by your state! 
  • Protect your health! Of course, wear a mask, keep socially distanced in the voting lines and bring hand sanitizer. All polling places should provide safety measures and be set up to assist in social distancing.
  • You can safely vote in-person even if you requested an absentee ballot. If your absentee ballot never arrived or you haven’t mailed it in yet, you can still safely vote in person. Your absentee ballot will be canceled and the in-person vote will be counted.
  • Voting is a right! No one can take that away or threaten you for voting or for voting for a specific candidate. If you feel intimidated or threatened while waiting to vote, report the offense to official poll-workers right away.
  • Your vote is confidential: Unless you choose to share who you voted for, your ballot is private.
  • Arrive at your polling place ready and with your informed voting choices already made, so you can quickly cast your ballot. Here are a few ways you can prepare:
    • Read up on the issues and jot down your choices on a list you bring with you, on your phone or on paper.
    • Download a voting guide to your phone (or print) for your region that you feel reflects your voting choices. There are many guides available; with a quick search online, you can find the right one for you.
    • Before voting, have a conversation with family and friends to clarify your position on the issues and candidates that will appear on your area’s ballot.

We are in this together!

In love and solidarity,


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