350 Organizations Sign Sharp Rebuke to Ryan’s Immigration Bill: Does Not End Family Separation

WASHINGTON, DC – In the final hours before the House votes, 350 organizations from across the nation have come together to express their vehement opposition to the Ryan immigration bill, which fails to put an end to President Trump’s family separation policy and also puts children and their parents in internment camps.

In the letter, the Women’s Refugee Commission, Human Rights Watch, the Japanese American Citizens League, Bend the Arc, and over 300 organizations enumerate their shared grievances, stating that the bill does not end family separation and “slashes our family-based immigration system, guts our asylum laws, waives laws that protect communities within 100 miles of the borders and wastes $23 billion taxpayer dollars to build a wall and militarize border communities.”

Despite Speaker Ryan’s claims today, the bill contains no provision to end family separations, does not compel the administration to change their policy and incarcerates children and families while eliminating standards of care for children. Together, these organizations implore Congress to put morality before party and pass bipartisan, humanitarian legislation, quickly.

Read the full text of the letter here