4.1 Miles Documentary Short

4.1 Miles


Short documentary

Length: 25 minutes

This film shows the daily life of a coast guard captain on Lesbos as the Greek island’s residents struggle to rescue and care for thousands of refugees fleeing war in Syria.

Viewer Warning!

Much of this film consists of footage from boat rescues, including some disturbing images, which should be taken into account when considering whether to show to broad audiences and especially young viewers.

Additional Discussion Questions (click here for NNIRR Media Literacy Discussion Guide for additional general discussion questions):

1. According to this film, who is responsible or at fault for the crisis of refugee deaths in the Mediterranean Sea?

2. What other factors, not mentioned in the film, do you think are part of the context?

3. At one point in the film, someone asks why the refugees took the risk of crossing the sea in windy conditions. What is your reaction to this question? How would you respond?