A time for reflection, solidarity and action.


More than ever, we need your support to protect human rights and organize for justice in the midst of the COVID-19 global pandemic.

For organizations like NNIRR, there is so much to do even while sheltering in place. Over the past weeks, we have focused our energy on ensuring migrant and refugee families are protected and included in COVID-19 contingency plans. Barriers to testing and treatment must be removed so that migrants, many of whom are “essential” workers, can access protections without fear of federal immigration enforcement. 

The situation is particularly dire on the U.S.-Mexico border, where migrant communities and organizations on the ground face a compounded humanitarian crisis.

Migrants and refugees continue to face dangerous and unsafe conditions in overcrowded detention centers and temporary camps while waiting for their immigration hearings.

This administration has ignored legal obligations to asylum, protections of the child, and fundamental human rights that cannot be suspended during this public health crisis.

At times like these our only option is to organize around the clock to impact advocacy spaces at all levels of government and demand full rights and protections for all people, regardless of immigration status — immediate access to testing, medical treatment, safe shelter, worker protections and inclusion in all COVID-19 emergency preparedness and recovery.

NNIRR needs your support now more than ever to help us build capacity on the front-lines, uplift migrant voices and roll back the dehumanizing and exclusionary policies against migrants and refugees. CONSIDER MAKING A DONATION TO SUPPORT OUR WORK!

NNIRR’s is responding to this crisis by bringing together dozens of civil society partners on both sides of the U.S.-Mexico border to press mayors and governors to provide safeguards for migrants and asylum seekers who are especially at risk of a major outbreak of COVID-19. We have co-authored a letter demanding local border governments safely decongest encampments, release families from immigration detention and remove border patrol checkpoints on roads leading to hospitals. Organizations can read the letter and partner with us by signing-on by Monday, April 13.

Safety and health access are human rights and governments must take responsibility for protecting ALL in this moment of crisis.

As we pause for reflection during the holidays, please give to NNIRR today. If all of our supporters gave just $5 or $10, we would be able to weather this storm and respond to the current emergency with the aggressive nature it deserves. Please give today! If you are able to give more, consider becoming a monthly sustainer – $5 or $10 a month goes a long way and spreads out your donation over the year.


  • FOR INDIVIDUALS: Please sign our joint petition with Daily Kos to demand safety and access to medical care without fear of immigration enforcement during the Coronavirus COVID-19 health emergency.
  • FOR ORGANIZATIONS: Sign-on to our Border Recommendations to Mayors and Governors to protect migrants, refugees and asylum seekers in the face of COVID-19. Deadline: Monday, April 13. To read the letter in full go here.

For more actions and resources go to NNIRR’s dedicated Coronavirus & Immigrant Rights page. This is updated on an ongoing basis. Should you have additional resources to share, email links to: nnirrinfo@nnirr.org

We thank you for all you do to support NNIRR and our work for human rights and dignity for immigrants and refugees.

With love,

   All of us at NNIRR