National Prison Divestment Campaign

End investment in prison construction! Stop the profiteering from the detention of immigrants!

The National Network has joined a national campaign targeting the private prison construction industry, which promotes and profits from the incarceration of immigrant men, women and children and others in the U.S. and worldwide. Freedom for Immigrants, in partnership with community groups and unions across the US, is calling on all public and private institutions to divest their holdings in Corrections Corporation of America (CCA) (now Core Civic) and GEO Group, America’s largest private prison corporations which have profited from billions in taxpayer money.

You can endorse the campaign here.

The Campaign will be focusing on pension divestments from private prison stocks.

* Our money is winding up in the hands of for-profit prison companies.

* Our future financial security should not be dependent on locking up our community members and separating families.

Click here to read and download the toolkit, UNLOCK YOUR PENSION.

Dump the prison stock. Invest in humanity.

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Campaign Resources

Wells Fargo in Private Prisons

The campaign has launched a new website to provide specific information about Wells Fargo involvement in the private prison industry.

[Re-posted from the website] All of the documents on this website are pdf copies of unclassified government documents pertaining to the relationships between Wells Fargo & Company, its subsidiary entities, and companies and business organizations engaged in activity related to the incarceration of prisoners, including, but not limited to immigrants. This site is updated as documents are made available by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, the U.S. Federal Reserve, and other government agencies. This information is provided as a public service by Enlace, a project of Communities United for People.

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  • WATCH Fault Lines video exposing the business of immigrant detention and how a handful of corporations are shaping US immigration policy.

NNIRR will be sharing information on national actions and activities to involve your organization, members and constituents in this nationwide initiative. We believe it is an important way to raise awareness about the various forces — including corporate forces like the GEO Group and CCA — that have actively lobbied for punitive immigration enforcement policies and dramatic increases in funding for construction of detention facilities.