NNIRR signs on to the 2021 Immigration Action Plan

Ten Actions to Begin to Right the Wrongs of US Immigration Policy

NNIRR joins 240+ immigrant rights organizations in endorsing the

2021 Immigration Action Plan 

The 2021 Immigration Action plan, spearheaded by our colleagues at the Immigration Hub, presents a set of principled, immediate actions for the next administration to begin to redress our inhumane immigration policy. This plan provides a concrete guide to immigration reforms based on the fundamental principles of human rights, fairness and justice, and creates access and pathways to relief and protections for millions of immigrants and refugees. Together, our organizations are a united front demanding an end to the inhumane practices of child separation and indefinite detention, and calling for agencies such as DHS, ICE and CBP to be held accountable for violations of rights and due process routinely committed against immigrants and asylum seekers.

NNIRR joins our partners from across all sectors, grassroots, labor, dreamers and more, in demanding an end to the criminalization of migration, militarization and the systemic discrimination of border communities.

To begin to achieve these goals, the 2021 Immigration Action Plan lays out a set of actionable steps for the next administration to restore human dignity.

“This plan is a start to constructing a new way forward,” said Alma Maquitico, NNIRR Co-Director, “but we must go even further to right the wrongs of the multiple human rights violations committed against immigrants and refugees. We must work to remove the apparatus that has militarized the borders and emboldened the vicious enforcement regime of ICE and CBP.”

While the 2021 Immigration Action Plan begins to unravel the damage wrought by the Trump administration — from putting children and families in cages, restricting the due process rights of immigrants at the border, to extending the detention of children and families and forging ahead with a detrimental border wall — we must place human rights at the center of all policy discussions to truly transform the immigration system.

Ten Actions to Transform and Modernize America’s Immigration System

These ten actions work toward reversing the racism and damage of the Trump years and reshaping longstanding criminalization and deportation policies that have defined many past administrations. Each action is accompanied by comprehensive recommendations that can be taken to carry out these immediate reforms:

  • Action 1: Prioritize Equity and Harm Reduction in the Immigration System.
  • Action 2: End the Anti-Black and Discriminatory Targeting of Certain U.S. Citizens and Immigrants.
  • Action 3: Rebuild the U.S. Economy.
  • Action 4: Re-envision Leadership in the Next Administration.
  • Action 5: Decriminalize Immigration.
  • Action 6: Protect Immigrant Children, Families and their Communities.
  • Action 7: Phase Out Immigration Jails and Fund Community-Based Case Management Programs.
  • Action 8: Establish Thriving, Rights-Respecting Borders.
  • Action 9: Reimagine the Role of the Immigration Courts.
  • Action 10: Restore the Right to Seek and Receive Protection from Persecution, Torture, and Other Serious Human Rights Violations.

NNIRR is proud to work together with partner organizations to push for fair, just, and humane immigration policy and will continue to ensure that human rights and community voices are at the center of immigration policy reforms.