See The 20+ Immigration Activists Arrested Under Trump

Is the Trump administration retaliating against activists that criticize its harsh immigration policies?

Immigrant advocates across the country and the American Civil Liberties Union assert that federal immigration agents are increasingly targeting activists who oppose them, help undocumented immigrants, and are quoted in the media.

The following cases have been brought to light by lawyers who claim activists’ free speech rights are being violated. Most are in the country illegally and have been arrested or are under deportation orders. Some have criminal records, several do not.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement, the agency most frequently criticized for arresting activists, categorically rejects the accusation that it is singling them out. ICE says it does not retaliate against unlawful immigrants for critical comments they make, and any suggestion to the contrary is “irresponsible” and “speculative.” ICE says that any individual in violation of immigration laws may be subject to arrest, detention, and removal.

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John Burnett