Sin País

Sin País


Documentary short

Length: 20 min.

iNation Media

From the website: The Mejia-Perez family have built a life in California but are suddenly separated from each other after the undocumented parents are deported. The short documentary follows each family member as the struggle to love and support each other across borders.

NNIRR suggested questions in addition to our media discussion guide:

  • According to Sin País, what are some of the unique circumstances and challenges that mixed status families deal with?
  • What preoccupations do the children express, and how are these similar or different from the concerns of their parents?
  • The family’s lawyer argues that Sam and Elida shouldn’t be deported because they have “pulled themselves up by their bootstraps” and “fulfilled the American Dream.” What are the implications of using this kind of narrative to defend undocumented peoples’ presence in the U.S.

The producers of Sin País released their own discussion guide alongside the film. The guide includes more in-depth information on topics that were mentioned in the film, as well as discussion questions and action steps.

Note: iNation Media is a great organization that “creates personal and powerful stories about the immigrant experience in the United States.” Currently they have 6 short documentaries to check out. Go to: