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The crisis for Haitian migrants has continued unabated and in fact has escalated due to the actions of the Biden administration. DHS declared they were going to immediately “clear the camps,” at Del Rio, Texas, and that they have, by summarily rounding up thousands of Haitians and deporting people back to an unsafe country, violating U.S. and international law. To date, there have been a recorded 37 deportation flights since September 19th.

From our office in El Paso, we are observing migrants in shackles being boarded onto plans – we believe they are being secretly deported. Many were forced to cross back to Mexico to avoid deportation and are sheltering in equally unsafe conditions, including families with children. Those who made it through are in urgent need of medical attention and fundamental supplies, including food and water.

You can pitch in to help the organizing on the ground:

  • To support humanitarian and Haitian-led organizing in Texas, you can donate here.
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This is a humanitarian crisis of epic proportions, and one that most certainly could have been avoided had Biden’s administration taken a different approach. Deporting people to life-threatening situations is a clear violation of the 1951 Refugee Convention, the Convention on the Rights of the Child, and other human rights laws. Despite the dangerous consequences of returning migrants to Haiti, the Biden administration has continued the same path as its predecessor Trump, using the CDC’s racist Title 42 order to expel primarily Black and Indigenous people from the United States, despite a federal judge ruling Title 42 unlawful.

Last week, NNIRR members responded to our call to send letters to the White House and Congress demanding an end to the deportations and Title 42— more than 300 peope participated, sending over 1200 direct emails and tweets. Thank you! 

This week, NNIRR has partnered with a cohort of organizations to push a massive petition to demand an end to the deportations and the suspension of Title 42. Public pressure works with this administration — we must keep up the outcry and demands! Please take a minute to sign!

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