Trump Aims to Dismantle DACA; Take Actions for Justice

The Trump Administration is testing the limits of the Constitution in taking actions that are unlawful and autocratic, largely undeterred from carrying out its policies of cruelty. 

In the latest move, a Department of Homeland Security (DHS) memo blatantly circumvents the Supreme Court’s ruling on #DACA by refusing new applications, expanding discretionary powers to cancel or deny DACA renewals and limiting renewals themselves.

This emboldened action joins a long list of gross human rights and constitutional violations by this administration — from the continued illegal detention of children and the militarized response to protests, to the systematic dismantling of U.S. asylum policies.

We denounce these egregious and repeated attacks on immigrant communities and on human rights, and the defiance of court mandates. 

Meanwhile, Congress has failed to enact legislation that could provide a long-term solution for DACA recipients and for many who could also qualify; many immigrants are still excluded from COVID-related relief packages.

The DHS memo is yet another example of the Trump Administration’s disregard for people’s health, safety and well-being. The devastating impacts and long-term consequences of these humanitarian and civil rights crises will not simply go away with a “new” administration; we need to fight to ensure that fundamental human rights and values are central to our social relations — and anchor our democratic institutions. A change in administrations could yield greater possibilities to alleviate the most immediate harms now heaped on immigrant communities, migrants and asylum seekers, while beginning to address systemic and government infrastructure (like DHS itself) issues.

In the meantime, before and beyond the November election there is much to do.

Immigrant community voices need to be heard in the November election. For those who are eligible to vote, we encourage everyone to register and vote! Let’s support voter education and get-out-the-vote initiatives that are key to mobilizing participation of diverse communities. Go here for state by state registration deadlines, links to register, absentee ballot info. NNIRR is committed to long term, strategic change and is looking forward to the election — and post-election — for opportunities for education, organizing and advocacy for real immigration and racial justice, and accountability for the interests of all working people, especially as we seek a path towards a just and equitable recovery from the global health crisis. 

We ask for your support and partnership!


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 Photo credits: Victoria Pickering