Urgent Request: Act NOW to Oppose ‘Remain in Mexico’ Program

Petitions to U.S. and Mexican governments raise concerns and opposition to “Migrant Protection Protocols” (MPP)

Some 60,000 asylum seekers to the U.S. have been “returned” to Mexico to await settlement of their asylum requests; their due process, safety and well-being are at stake 

Human rights advocates, academics, immigrant communities and more in the U.S. and in Mexico are sounding the alarm about the “Remain in Mexico” program, which so far has returned some 60,000 asylum seekers — from several countries — to Mexico. These asylum seekers have registered their claims for asylum and have court dates, but have been forced to return to Mexico by the Trump Administration, rather than wait in the U.S. for the adjudication of their claims.

Several organizations, including Human Rights First, Doctors Without Borders and others, have filed reports about asylum seekers who have been returned to Mexico and who have been subject to kidnapping, sexual abuse, extortion, torture and other forms of violence. Through this program, even more children have been separated from their families — children who had arrived with parents, were separated and sent to other facilities while their parents have been returned to Mexico.

Please consider signing BOTH of these petitions in line with Days of Action November 18-21 in both the U.S. and Mexico:

1) A letter directed to the Mexican ministries of Foreign Relations and the Interior. Deadline is November 14. Organizational signatures requested.

Link to signature form (with links to letter in English and in Spanish): http://bit.ly/MPPpetition 

2) A letter directed to U.S. House of Representatives members and key committee leadership. Deadline is COB Friday, November 15. Requesting organizational and academic signatures.

Go here to access sign-on form and letter: http://bit.ly/LetterMPP


Thank you for your quick action and support!