Documentary Feature Film

Length: 110 min.

* You can go to the film’s website to see trailer and set up a screening.

Set in the world’s largest refugee camp, Daddab, Warehoused describes the difficulties many refugees face in trying to seek resettlement, while being stuck in a state of limbo, often for most of their lives.

NNIRR questions for this film in addition to our media discussion guide:

  • Whose responsibility is it to take in refugees? Neighboring countries? The international community?
  • What are the best ways to provide aid? Additional funding for refugee camps? More infrastructure for developing countries that often take in the most refugees? Accepting more refugees into more developed countries like the US and in Europe? Large-scale intervention in the home country to prevent people from needing to flee?
  • How does the media portrayal of refugees affect their livelihood and their chance at a better life through resettlement?

If you would like to donate to various organizations that support refugee rights, Warehoused offers a list of organizations to donate to here: https://warehousedthemovie.com/take-action

NNIRR has been working closely with grassroots global partners to advocate for human rights, standards and protections for migrants and refugees through the UN and other international arenas, most recently within the process of the UN Global Compact for Migration & Refugees. For more information about this Compact and civil society’s role in advocating for rights and justice, click here for our International Migrant Rights & Global Justice page.