End immigrant detention! Close the Camps – Tuesday, July 2

Threats of mass deportations, tragic photos of migrants dying at borders, exposure of inhumane detention conditions of children, their families, and other migrants and asylum seekers have pushed many to ask what they can do to stop these policies and practices. Even presidential hopefuls are pressing to end the criminalization of undocumented border crossers–something that has largely gone without comment by most politicians.

Click here to find out where #ClosetheCamps local actions are happening and JOIN THEM TOMORROW!

NNIRR is joining dozens of groups nationally to mobilize for protests at congressional district offices. The actions are being locally organized and will mainly be staged at noontime or after work hours. The actions are demanding that the U.S. government:

  • Close the camps
  • Not fund one dollar for family detention and deportation
  • Reunite families

If you can’t get to an event near you, drop off a letter to your member of Congress office. Here’s a draft letter.

These events help to raise awareness and broaden public support to end immigration detention. Organizing and advocacy against detention has–and continues to proceed–around the country as it has for years, for decades. These cruel, racist, punitive policies and practices have been in place through successive administrations, but have been sharply escalated under Donald Trump, whose presidential campaign centered on his fear driven anti-immigrant platform. By all accounts, Trump’s 2020 election bid will continue this hateful rhetoric. 

Build a movement to end detention!

The Administration’s answer to criticism of horrible detention conditions is to build more detention facilities! Dangerously, the detention infrastructure has expanded dramatically under Trump as the practice of detention has become even more central to U.S. immigration deterrence/zero tolerance policies. We have a long road ahead to end immigrant detention!

JOIN the National Network to connect in a nationwide alliance of organizations and individuals who are committed to human rights for all immigrants–we are in it for the long haul!

There are many local and national activities lifting up detention concerns, supporting the right to asylum, rights at the border and more. We’ll share more information soon on Lights for Liberty, the July 12 activities also calling attention to detention.

We are heartened by efforts at many levels to break the downward spiral of immigration and refugee policies and to mitigate the human cost. Much can be done along the way towards long term, durable solutions to the human rights crisis in migration. Whether it’s making donations to immigrant shelters, legal services, organizing or political advocacy, signing petitions, protesting at detention centers, or calling on members of Congress to do the right thing–all contribute to raising awareness, changing narratives and activating our own humanity. 

Sharing information for affected communities:

Many community and legal service groups are sharing needed information for immigrant communities targeted by Trump’s deportation machine. The reality is that some undocumented families are preparing their emergency files–setting up documents that detail who can take care of children if parents are rounded up and deported. Setting aside money, taking care of property–all the preparations for the unthinkable. Know-your-rights info, hotline numbers, guides on what to do in case of a raid, or if ICE comes to your house or workplace–this is information flowing among communities in various languages. NNIRR has put together resource links and downloads drawn from many excellent sources in the immigrant rights community. Visit them here:

Know Your Rights/Conozca sus derechos

Immigration Hotlines/Líneas Directas

Community Resources and Legal Assistance/Recursos comunitarios y asistencia legal

The continued ramping up of anti-immigrant actions puts a financial strain on all of us as we struggle to respond on many different fronts. We appreciate your support!

#DefundHate    #EndDetention    #NoDeportations    #ClosetheCamps #HumanRights4All