NNIRR condemns the escalation of attacks against immigrants

NNIRR condemns the escalation of attacks against immigrants

The National Network for Immigrant and Refugee Rights condemns the unwarranted and manufactured escalation of immigration enforcement in the alarming announcement last week of the deployment of SWAT Border Patrol agents to select Sanctuary Cities. The placement of military-trained personnel and the possibility of armed vehicles in immigrant communities will not only further traumatize children and families but will undermine public trust and access to public safety and other agencies.

The deployment of these tactical units is not only a transparent attempt to create fear and foster xenophobia and hate during the election primary season, but the target period — February through May — overlaps with the peak season for Census 2020, when Census staff and community supporters are actively urging diverse community participation in this year’s important Census. Trump’s attempt to include a citizenship question has already eroded efforts to encourage the participation of hard-to-count populations that include immigrants.

In these past weeks, we have seen an unprecedented rise in the number of restrictive policies targeting non-citizens — from quiet procedural changes severely limiting avenues for legal immigration, to the expansion of travel bans and boastful budget allocations decreasing monies for social safety net programs, while increasing funding for Trump’s border wall. These proposals and actions add on to draconian, nationalistic policies and tactics deepened and expanded by this Administration over the past three years. The increase in the use of military tactics by law enforcement agencies across the country has and will undoubtedly continue to lead to further rampant violations of due process and the consolidation of a system aimed at dehumanizing and criminalizing immigrant populations.

We will continue to organize with our communities and allies to resist this unabated assault by an emboldened, hateful Administration, to defend our human rights and seek justice over injustice.

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Stay posted… NNIRR’s sign-on letter and petition to suspend immigration enforcement for Census 2020, coming soon.