Today is National Census Day. Support Immigrant Inclusion in Census 2020!



During the Covid-19 global health crisis and with much of the country sheltering in place, a very important process is underway — the U.S. Census count. Today, April 1 is Census Day, the official kick off to encourage everyone to participate. The count has been underway since mid-March with a new online form, but the all-important Census outreach period has been curtailed due to the essential nation-wide physical distancing measures. Current conditions make the expected undercount of immigrant and other populations even more of a serious problem in Census 2020. 

The political leadership and condition of our healthcare system (and access to it) during this pandemic demonstrate how critical it is to guarantee representation and community funding for access to services.

An accurate Census is essential for democratic processes! Census data dictates Congressional representation and is used to allocate more than $800 billion in federal funds each year. An undercount in the Census could severely impact government funding for education, health care, affordable housing, employment and critical infrastructure in our communities. It’s time to get creative and support our communities to participate!

It is imperative that ALL of us are counted and that we support the inclusion of immigrant communities.

We want to thank everyone who signed our letter and petition calling for a suspension of immigration enforcement activities during the Census, which officially closed yesterday and will be sent off this week. We gathered over 100 organizational and almost 400 individual signatures — and this during the chaos of our current health crisis — with an important call to suspend immigration enforcement to help immigrant participation and inclusion in the Census count.

Immigrants must also feel safe to access medical care and to do so without fear of immigration enforcement during the Coronavirus/COVID-19 health emergency. NNIRR has co-sponsored a petition with Daily Kos and partner organizations to call for immigrant access to health care and a suspension of enforcement.

SIGN ON! To demand protections for immigrant communities!

Meanwhile, there are several things you can do to support immigrant participation in Census 2020:

Reach out to rally for action from local officials and cities to guarantee an inclusive count.

  • If you are a community leader/organizer, you can still reach out to your local elected leaders to adopt a City Resolution supporting immigrant community inclusion in the Census, through calls, texts and emails to your officials.

Don’t forget to fill out the Census for your household!

Encourage your neighbors, friends and family members (from a distance) to participate and be counted.

For more information, please visit our Census 2020 Resource page on our website.

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