Today is National Voter Registration Day!

#MakeYourPlan    #ProtectOurVote Today is National Voter Registration Day! The 2020 November election starts now! In this crucial election, let’s ensure YOU are registered to vote and are ready to help mobilize your friends, family and community to register and vote.

The outcomes on November 3rd, up and down the ballot, will determine whether hard-fought civil rights and human rights will continue or face complete erosion. Among the many issues at stake are health care reforms, effective and inclusive COVID-19 responses, and urgent and comprehensive solutions to the climate crisis. NNIRR will continue the fight to protect and expand human rights, push for citizenship protections, uphold the right to asylum, and dismantle a racist immigration system that has caused so much harm. We can’t do this without you. In this election, your participation and contributions are the essential ingredients for building a culture of human rights! [Artwork by]

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Traditional get-out-the-vote efforts have been hindered by the pandemic, and many key states that can change this election, Florida, Arizona and Texas, are states with less resources for voter mobilization efforts. So, we need you! The work we do over these next 6 weeks is going to be critical for turnout for this election.


1. Register to vote! And even if you think you are registered, check to be sure, especially if you have moved recently.

Check your registration here: Are you Registered?

If you aren’t registered, go here: Register to Vote

2. Make a plan to vote and mobilize your immediate friends and family. Support everyone eligible in your community to register and vote, especially anyone who might face language barriers or feel intimidated by the voting process. 

3. Vote early! Especially for mail in voters, vote before October 20th to ensure you vote is counted!

4. Share NNIRR’s get-out-the-vote social media posts


… and check out NNIRR’s elections resource page: Immigration, Immigrant Communities & the 2020 Elections on our website:


Together we can get out the immigrant vote!

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